Abstract and Paper Submission

General Information

All authors are invited to submit a structured abstract (300 words) for the given Topics. The abstracts will be peer-reviewed and if accepted published online in a supplement issue of the journal "Biomedical Engineering/Biomedizinische Technik“ by De Gruyter (free access).

In addition, authors are invited to submit an optional conference paper (2 – 4 pages). The conference papers will be peer-reviewed and if accepted published online in the journal “Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering” by De Gruyter (open access).

Accepted conference papers submitted for the “Artificial Vision 2023 – The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics” will be published in a separate special issue.

Instructions for Authors

All abstract and full paper submissions must be submitted using the online Submission System on this site. For the Online Submission system, you need to login with your user account or if necessary, create a new user.

A new abstract or paper can be submitted after login using this link: Submit a paper.

All abstracts need to adhere to the provided structure in the online form consisting of Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusion with a limit of 300 words. All full paper submissions must be formatted according to the provided templates (see below) and must not exceed 4 pages.

Non-compliance to the templates including change of the provided format and structure or exceeding max paper length will lead to rejection.

Requirements for Full Paper Publication

Please note that for a full paper to be published it is required that at least one author is registered for the conference by July 20, 2023! The submission of multiple full papers by the same author is possible, but requires one distinct registration for each submission, i.e., one of the co-authors (that did not submit a full paper themself) needs to register for the conference before July 20, 2023.

For every accepted submission, the author needs to submit the signed De Gruyter - Licence to publish. document by sending it to office_at_bmt2023.de until July 15, 2023. Please note that the paper cannot be published when the form is not provided.

Templates and Documents

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